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    Probably our most popular package. Offers lots of North American, UK and international channels.

    Pros -Variety of languages, Lots of North American channels and plenty of Movies's.

    Cons - Little to no Atlantic Canada Programming


    Newest package specializing in Canadian and American programming.

    Pros - Lots of Canadian channels, very well organized and categorized guide, Movies. Over 3000 channels in all.

    Cons - New package still evolving


    Our largest package offering the most English speaking channels.

    Pros - Tons of English speaking channels, The most UK channels.

    Cons - Very poor breakdown of channel list, Movies hard to navigate.

    Another new IPTV Package

    Why another service?

    You asked for it so here it is. A new package with local channels and lots of North American programming.

    Package available right now.

    Yow wanted it so come and get it.

    Package name

    I named this package after my own dog - Herman. New package name is BlameHermanClub.

    What are prices?

    I will only be offering this package for a minimum term of 3 months. I will allow a 1 time only 1 month preview for $15. Free 12 hour trials are also available. 3 month term will be $30, 6 months - $50 and a full year for only $90.

    Tell all your Friends

    My most requested channels have always been local Atlantic Canada. Lets spread the word.

    Stable server

    This is a new service being offered with the Local consumer in mind. Please try today.

    New IPTV Service

    Why a new IPTV service?

    The IPTV industry is constantly evolving. When Blamethedog started out just a few months ago, I believe we were offering the best services available at the time. Since then I added Blamethedog2 as an additional service and the original Blamethedog although a great service has all but dissappeared. I have recently come across a package that is completely different but still stays within the realm of what Blamethedog's ideals are. Look for more changes in the future as we offer you cutting edge in the IPTV field.

    What Makes this Package Different

    BTDTVLIVE will offer 5900+ live TV channels, This is virtually unprecedented in the industry, especially with the quality of our new servers. More sports, more movies and more variety. There is a shortage of local programming with this package, but that is something I am working on.

    How much is This Package Going to Cost?

    In keeping with our policy of offering the best products at the best price, we have come up with a unique pricing structure. 1 week trial will be only $5 (one time only), a 1 month trial will be only $15 (one time only), 3 months will be $36, 6 months $65 and a full year will be only $120  ($10/month).

    Should I switch?

    This is a new package geared at adding new customers. If you are happy with your current programming then certainly stick with it. If you are the adventurous type then you may want to switch to check it out or at least try one of the trial packages.

    Will there be any Specials on this Package

    Keep checking on this page and on our Facebook page for current specials.

    Will this be the last New Package?

    Blamethedog.ca is committed to offering you the best entertainment at the best prices. As long as the industry continues to evolve, expect Blamethedog to be there with the latest and greatest.


    To set up your free trial follow these steps exactly

    1 - download and install STB emulator (free or pro) on your Android box

    2 - go to settings menu (if using mini remote hold OK button for approx 2 seconds until it pops up)

    3 - Click on "Settings"

    4 - scroll to and select "Profiles"

    5 - highlight and click on "add profile"

    6 - scroll to and select "Profile Name"

    7 - Change profile name to "Blamethedog2" "BtdTVLive" or "BlameHermanClub" depending on which package you wish to try

    8 - Click on "OK"

    9 - Scroll to and select "Portal settings"

    10 - Click on "Portal URL"

    11 - Change URL to http://btd2.club for Blamethedog2,  http://btdtvlive.ca for BtdTVLive or http://blameherman.club for BlameHermanClub and hit the Esc button

    12 - Scroll to and select STB configuration

    13 - Check  the Mac # , write it down and send it to me at larry@blamethedog.ca. Do not proceed any further until you hear from me. When I tell you that your account is activated hit esc.

         You don't need to hit Esc if you do not perform this step

    14 - Scroll to and select "Device ID"

    15 - Make sure "Send Device ID" and nothing else is checked

    16 - Hit Esc at least 4 times

    17 - In STB Emulator bring up the Settings menu and select "Profile" and "Blamethedog2"

    18 - You should see a progress bar which will fill. Be patient, this can take up to 2 minutes

    19 - If you did everything right you can now browse and enjoy

    20 - If you click on left scroll button while channel is minimized you can go to TV and select a category so you

    won't have to scroll through all 3200+ (Blamethedog2 and BlameHermanClub) or 5900+ (Btdtvlive) channels. Let me know when requesting trial which package you are interested in.

    Buy Credits

    Donate here for your choice of service and duration.

    If you are buying credits to install yourself, please be aware we offer no support and no refunds. After making your donation use the "drop us a line" button to send us your MAC #, we will inform you when your service is active. Our service works best on, and we only suggest using STB emulator. For more info please contact us.

    Our channel list has over 2800 (subject to change) channels. As with all IPTV services there are a lot of international non English speaking  channels. I think we have the best combination going. Try us and see. 

    We are a reselling service only. We are not responsible for any of the content available through our service.

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