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Why cable

Let's face it, we all like to watch TV. Just browsing through all the different channels gives us  a feeling of power. We shouldn't be confined to just one or two programs, we should have almost unlimited choice. Cable does that for us.

What reason(s) could we possibly have for not subscribing to the largest package possible?

Here at we think we know some of the answers.

1 - Commitment -  Some companies expect us to sign up for a full year or more of their service and be subjected to penalties if we cancel early.

2 -Variety - Most cable companies expect us to be happy with limited content. They fail to see that some of us speak (or are learning to speak) languages other than English and while the cable companies give us a pretty good variety of channels, they also want us to purchase more channels at an additional cost.

3 - Cost - Let's face it, cable can be very expensive.

Why our Cable Alternative

Our cable alternative offers thousands of live TV channels from only $10 per month with no commitment.

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Do I Need A VPN?

While a VPN may not be necessary to run our services, there are many other reasons to have one. A VPN gives you complete anonymity while going about your daily online activities. Completely hide all of your tracks and protect yourself from unwanted advertising gathered by both your ISP and other unwanted entities. Link to SurfShark provided below.

Update: A lot of ISP's (internet service providers) in Canada and elsewhere are now performing limited blocking and throttling. There has never been a better time to consider using a VPN.



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Our Services





 Offers lots of  US and Canadian plus local channels. Probably the best package for those only looking for English speaking channels.

Pros -Variety of English speaking channels, Lots of North American channels .The most Atlantic Canadian channels of any of our packages.

Over 5400 live TV channels in all.

Cons - Channels can be slow to load, no VOD or series





 Package specializing in Canadian, UK  and American programming. Has now become our most popular and most affordable package.

Pros - Lots of local channels, very well organized and categorized guide, Movies. Over 6600 live TV channels in all.

Cons - New package still evolving.




Our largest package offering the most English speaking channels.

Pros - Tons of English speaking channels, The most UK channels.

Over 6000 live TV channels in all.

Cons - Very poor breakdown of channel list, Movies hard to navigate.

Our newest services

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Our new service BTD4 offers local content as well as everything else you would expect from a great service. Over 2000 live TV channels.

Pros - lots of local and foreign content. Great price point.

Cons - Currently a lack of Series content. (May come in the future)

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BTD Flix



BDT Flix is a great add on for any of our services but goes especially well with BTD3 and BTD4. Free 5 hour trial  available with this service.





Newflix is a great add on for any of our services but goes especially well with BTD3 and BTD4, similar to Flix but this is a brand new service. Free 12 hour trial  available with this service (weekends excluded). Great  service for the music lover.


STB Pro Download file (Firestick only)

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Donate here for your choice of service and duration.

If you are buying credits to install yourself, please be aware we offer no support and no refunds. After making your donation use the "drop us a line" button to send us your MAC #, we will inform you when your service is active. Our service works best on, and we only suggest using STB emulator. For more info please contact us.

Our channel list has over 2800 (subject to change) channels. As with all IPTV services there are a lot of international non English speaking  channels. I think we have the best combination going. Try us and see. 

We are a reselling service only. We are not responsible for any of the content available through our services.

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