To set up your trial follow these steps exactly

1 - download and install STB emulator (free or pro available on Google Play store) on your Android box.Open STB Emulator, and from within:

2 - go to settings menu (if using mini remote hold OK button for approx 2 seconds until it pops up)

3 - Click on "Settings"

4 - scroll to and select "Profiles"

5 - highlight and click on "add profile"

6 - scroll to and select "Profile Name"

7 - Change profile name to "BTD Flix" "BtdTVLive" "Newflix" "Btd4" or "BlameHermanClub" depending on which package you wish to try

8 - Click on "OK"

9 - Scroll to and select "Portal settings"

10 - Click on "Portal URL"

11 - Change URL to for BTDFlix, for BtdTVLive, for BTD4,  for BlameHermanClub , for BTD Flix or for Newflix and hit the OK button to save and then hit the esc button

12 - Scroll to and select STB configuration

13 - Check  the Mac # , write it down and send it to me at Do not proceed any further until you hear from me. When I tell you that your account is activated hit esc.

14 - Scroll to and select "Device ID"

15 - Make sure "Send Device ID" and nothing else is checked

16 - Hit Esc at least 4 times

17 - In STB Emulator bring up the Settings menu and select "Profile" and "Blamethedog3" or whichever package you set up.

18 - You should see a progress bar which will fill. Be patient, this can take up to 2 minutes

19 - If you did everything right you can now browse and enjoy

20 - If you click on left scroll button while channel is minimized you can go to TV and select a category so you

won't have to scroll through all 4400 - 5400 (Blamethedog3 and BlameHermanClub) or 6000+ (Btdtvlive) channels. Let me know when requesting trial which package you are  interested in.